The Origin Of Shortfill

Shortfill is the most common type of e liquid found on the market. In 2017 TPD or Tobacco Products Directive came into effect which significantly affected how e-liquids are sold. The legislation prohibits the sale of e-liquids containing nicotine in bottles larger than 10ml. This is where shortfills come into play.

What is a Shortill?

A shortfill is a bottle of eliquid which is underfilled, as they are intended to be topped up by nicotine from nicotine shots, these are usually sold separately. Because shortfills are very flexible, they make the perfect starter e-liquids, new vapers who are unsure about what nicotine strength to go for, can start at 3mg and move up if they feel like they need more.

Size of Shortfills

The most common shortfill size is 50ml, in that case they are sold in 60ml bottles containing 50ml of e-liquid. Nicotine shots come in 10ml bottles. All of V Blood shortfills come in the 50ml formats

Shortfills without nicotine

As previously stated, shortfills are designed to be topped up with nicotine, however many vapers enjoy them in their original state without the added nicotine. There is no requirement to add any specific amount of nicotine, or even not adding any at all. It’s all up to the individual preference of the user.

Advantages of Shortfills

The advantage of Shortfills is that they are cheaper to buy than 5x 10ml liquids, including the price of the optional nicotine shot, which not only saves you money but also decreases the use of plastic which is a big win for the environment. However we always advise you to choose high quality brands over cheap e-liquids. V Blood e-liquid offers a good value and balance between price and quality.

Things to note

It’s important to note that many vapers notice a stronger taste when using shortfills without the nicotine shot added, this is because the 10ml nicotine shot dillutes the flavour as its flavourless, if the e-liquid is perfect at 50ml it would be less tasty at 60ml. Many vapers see this as an advantage. On the flip side, more intense e-liquids can decrease the lifespan of the coils; This is especially true for thicker e-liquids containing more VG than PG.


Compared to most e-liquid brands, V Blood e-liquids come with a mix of 50% PG & 50% VG. This makes them easier on the coils than high VG liquid as well as allowing them to be used in a large variety of vape kits. Compared to for example the most popular 70% PG & 70% VG which are only suitable for high powered devices.

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